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Access your inner strength, wisdom and resiliency...

Welcome to Balanced Body Mind~

Therapeutic yoga is the means of intervention: the doing of a practice that works on the central nervous system to balance the body, calm the mind and provide a path to wellness. We can benefit from these age-old practices of yoga to nurture our bodies, center the mind and to manage our physical, mental and emotional stress. Our body and mind are interconnected, and seen as one in the Eastern world. Therefore, practicing yoga therapeutically provides the opportunity to develop more resilience and inner strength; connecting us more deeply to our BodyMind.


A more meditative type of practice supports the developments of one’s awareness in the moment; provides the opportunity for more integration, and enables us to access our inner strength, wisdom and resiliency. Using a therapeutic approach we might go a little slower, use sounding to increase our body’s energy or do specific poses with breathing exercises to encourage our bodies to be more open. On a physical level, working with the whole body gives renewed energy increasing the circulation of oxygen and blood flow throughout. 


Gentle and therapeutic yoga is more than exercise; it is the means to increasing one’s stamina, energy, flexibility and more. It is a wonderful way to manage one’s stress and to reduce long held tension in the body. Join me on this path of wellness and empower yourself to more effectively manage your stress, mentally and physically, and reap the benefits of a more balanced body and mind.

Balanced Body Mind offers classes & workshops on-site at hospitals, businesses, schools, senior centers, over 55 communities  and therapy practices throughout Boston's North & South Shores.

  • Increases mobility and physical function

  • Reduces stress and long held tension in the body

  • Calms the mind and soothes the central nervous system

  • Elevates Mood

  • Reduces Fatigue

  • Strengthens the Immune System

Benefits of Balanced Body Mind Yoga Therapy
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