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Lee Anne's Journey

When I finished studying for my master’s in Social Work, I wanted to work in prevention, which then was not a focus in the field. As I worked with different populations, I continued to see how individuals needed tools to better manage their lives and especially their stress. I experienced first hand how helping professionals and caregivers can easily became overburdened, stressed and out of balance when caring for others. It was these experiences that brought me back, once again, to yoga as a means of self-care. My journey resulted in pursing training to become a certified yoga teacher and then onward to learn more therapeutic approaches:  LifeForce Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. 


The more I practiced yoga the more I experienced its stress reducing qualities. I saw documentation of the importance of managing one’s stress when I studied with the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. Their description of the ‘relaxation response’ includes: yoga, meditation, breathing practices, visualization and affirmations. Their research provided me with the scientific backbone of the importance of these practices and focused my teaching on reducing one’s stress;  resulting in slowing the aging process and maintaining one’s overall sense of well being. Incorporating these practices into one’s day can retrain the body and mind, enhance one’s inner strengths and resiliency plus serve to reverse many imbalances, often referred to as dis-ease.
My vision is to teach and offer yoga and the tools listed above in a therapeutic way; a gentle practice that nurtures the body and calms the mind. Many of us have cared for others; now it is time to care for ourselves. Join me on this journey of personal empowerment and self-compassion! It is my joy to share the richness, wisdom and healing power of yoga and more. My students leave refreshed and rejuvenated and happy they took the time out for themselves. I believe we deserve our own self-care!    


I offer classes on site for:

Schools, businesses, Senior Centers, Over 55 Communities, Assisted Living, and Clinics. Available to support a Doctor’s, Therapist’s, Acupuncturist’s or Chiropractor’s Practices through teaching clients tools for self-care. 


In-Service Presentations & Workshops

Available for In-Service Presentations for staff of healing professions, teachers, caregivers and more.


Teaching tools of self-care is a way to give back to those who work hard to care for others.  

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