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"You create a special and warm group dynamic. We have a close bond in our group. Your class boosted my energy level during and after chemotherapy and radiation. Yoga helped me maintain my flexibility and fitness during my cancer treatment. I leave with a feeling of well being and an increased energy level. You have taught us breathing techniques which also help."  

- Diane, Senior Yoga Group


"At a time of loss Lee Anne's yoga class has brought me peace and a sense of calm."

-Stephanie, Senior Yoga Group


"After my yoga class driving home I am much more relaxed.  I do some yoga in the morning and it keeps me calm during the day. Lee Anne is a good teacher and shows us the right way to do things."

- Jean, Senior Yoga Group, 


"I have yet to find a yoga class that encompasses the range of poses and discovery of self intentions as yours did."

- Vicki L., Yoga Student


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