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Workshops & Classes

My approach is a gentle yoga to reduce stress and tension, with a focus on breathing, stretching and holding of basic yoga poses. In addition I incorporate, breathing practices (pranayama) and strategies to increase one’s energy and overall well-being. 


Gentle Yoga Class 60 minutes

In this basic class we do floor exercises to facilitate the release of tightness and long held tension in the body. Emphasis is on stretching, use of the breath and a continual awareness of one’s posture. We do exercises for the spine, basic standing poses with lots of forward bends. Designed for the beginner, active baby boomers, seniors and those returning to exercise.


LifeForce Yoga Class

Gentle Yoga poses are taught and combined with specific techniques to calm the central nervous system and overall reduce stress in the body and mind. One will learn ways to open the body enabling energy to flow more freely and create an overall sense of well-being. Breathing practices will be taught to help energize the body and calm the mind and as a means to ease into meditation.


Yoga for Anxiety

The focus will be on gentle yoga poses that ground the body and mind. This is a safe and gentle way to reconnect to one’s body and to honor oneself. We will focus on compassion for oneself and develop our awareness of being present in the moment. Breathing practices and affirmations will be included to strengthen our connection to ourselves.


Yoga for Seniors 

With the focus of one’s special needs in mind, specific attention is given to balance, strengthening and stretching. This is a gentle yoga class with certain modifications for seniors making poses more accessible. Chair exercises can be incorporated when needed. Of most importance is a sense of safety first, along with correct postural alignment. Also incorporated are basic breathing practices to both energize the body and calm the mind. Can include basic meditation.

Yin Yoga

This style of practice emphasizes sustained, gentle but deep stretches that stimulate the body’s internal energy system. This practice of holding poses while on the mat will invigorate joint and connective tissues and helps to develop mindfulness and being present with the moment. These poses can easily be incorporated into other classes.

Restorative Yoga

This style of yoga allows the body to rest and recover and let go of stress in our body and calm the central nervous system. Students will stay in specific poses while lying on the mat, and will have props such as pillows to support their bodies. This also provides a meditative time and the opportunity to ‘let go’ of any accumulated stress from the week. A practice that provides the opportunity for deep rest and relaxation.


In-Service Presentations

Offered for staff at therapy practices, hospitals, businesses, schools and clinics. Tools for stress management, breathing practices and yogic exercises will be offered. Effective meditation techniques also available. 1 hour presentation. For a group of up to 6 - $100; 7 or more - $150.


General Information

I bring my workshops, in-service presentations, and classes to you – on-site at your clinic, business, ,school, community center, therapy practice or home. For individual work, 3-6 sessions are advised to establish a basic practice, even if your home practice is for 10-15 minutes. Arrangements can be made to work one-on-one at other spaces. New group requires 5 student minimum.

Specialized Yoga Therapy Sessions

LifeForce Yoga Therapy

LifeForce Yoga Therapy combines gentle yoga poses and breathing to open, balance and strengthen the body. With breathing practices, meditation becomes easily accessible, providing access to our deeper ‘true selves’ and integration of one’s mind and body, which provides the space for deep inner healing. Other means are used to strengthen the body mind connection, such as sounding and specific poses to strengthen specific energy centers (chakras). LifeForce Yoga is wonderful for addressing stress, anxiety, depression, grief and even AD(H)D. For more information visit


Pheonix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a mind-body therapy that develops awareness and insight into one’s life and provides the opportunity to access the body’s inner wisdom. The practitioner supports the clients in specific yoga poses meant to release long-held tension and stress. In addition, the practitioner makes gentle inquiries to the client to focus their attention to what is happening in the moment. As the body let’s go of long-held patterns, there is a new openness and opportunity for change and growth. Behind the tension and discomfort is an inner wisdom that the body knows and we are working to access. This increased awareness often provides a ‘break through’ providing life-changing insights. For more information visit


Rates vary depending upon workshop, class, session length, and travel time. Visit our FAQ page for more information or contact Lee Anne to request a quote.

Offered in LifeForce Yoga for management of stress, anxiety and one’s energy. Other workshops available according to the needs of the students. 2 hour presentation. $25 per person on-site; off-site prices vary.


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